Chris Corna was a great person. He was thoughtful. Caring. Handsome. Funny. Observant. Driven. Smart. Athletic. A patient teacher. Florida Gator. An Ohio State Buckeye fan. And a smart businessman. But of the all seemly endless positive traits, Chris was most known for his generosity.

This generosity was felt by people all around the world. And as passionate as he was about helping people, Chris was always first to step forward to help an animal in need, particularly sea life. On the many exotic dive trips he went on, and generously invited others to experience, Chris was often saddened by the eroding reef life. It's in Chris' spirit of helping, and his love of ocean life, that we have created the Chris Corna Reef Fund. Donations made to this site will go to Oceana, in Chris's name, and will directly help fund various reef preservation organizations dedicated to the rebuilding, protecting and preserving of the reefs around the world. Our vision is that one day, the Chris Corna Reef Fund will have a permanent home in one of Oceana's facilities around the world. So that people everywhere will forever get to know the wonderful, caring, person who is no long in our lives. But forever in our hearts. Please use the links on the left to donate or learn more. On behalf of Chris, we thank you so very much for your support.

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